reading list

Books by forward thinking trainers (all about us and the horse)
Considering the Horse - Mark Rashid
A good horse is never a bad colour - Mark Rashid
Horses never lie - Mark Rashid
Life lessons from a ranch horse - Mark Rashid
Horsemanship through life - Mark Rashid
Big horses, Good dogs and Straight fenses - Mark Rashid
In the Company of Horses, A year on the road with horseman Mark Rashid - Kathleen Lindley
True Horsemanship through feel - Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond
True Unity: Willing communication between horse and human- Tom Dorrance
The Faraway Horses - Buck Brannaman
Believe: A horseman's journey - Buck Brannaman
Groundwork - Buck Brannaman
Think harmony with horses - Ray Hunt
Talking with horses - Henry Blake
Real riding - Perry Wood
Centered riding - Sally Swift
Be with your horse - Tom Widdicombe

Self development
The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
Don Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements
Kinship with all life - J.A. Boone
Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Richard Bach
The Way of Aikido - George Leonard
Mastery - George Leonard
Zen in the art of archery - Eugen Herrigel
The Inner Game of Tennis - W.Timothy Gallwey

Classical riding
Francoise Baucher, the man and his method - Hilda Nelson
Racinet explains Baucher - Jean Claude Racinet
School of horsemanship - Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere
Horse training: Outdoor and high school - E. Beudant
Elements of dressage - Kurd Albrect von Ziegner
The classical rider - Sylvia Loch
Reflections on equestrian art - Nuno Oliveira
Riding towards the light - Paul Belasik

Equine behaviour
The nature of horses - Stephen Budiansky
The behaviour of horses - Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington
Ponies in the wild - Elaine Gill
Equine behaviour: Principles and practice Daniel Mils and Kathryn Nankervis

Anatomy, gait and confirmation
Horse anatomy - Peter Goody
Principles of conformation analysis: volume 1 - 3 Dr Deb Bennett
Horse gaits, balance and movement - Susan Harris
Beating muscle injuries for horses - Jack Meagher

The horse's pain-free back and saddle-fit book - Joyce Harman
Saddle fitting - Kay Humphries

101 jumping exercises for horse and rider - Linda L Allen
Poles and gridwork - Jane Wallace, Threshold Picture Guides
Cavalletti - Reiner Klimke