AmandaWelcome to my website

My passion is to help riders and horses to understand one another better and to have more fun!

I work with riders to ensure that they are clear and positive about what they want and to help them to become more relaxed and symmetrical in their bodies.

I work with horses using gentle training techniques, originating from a variety of disciplines, either ridden or from the ground, and by paying particular attention to the horse's physical and emotional wellbeing.

More often than not, when a rider softens in their frame of mind and gets clear about their intention, and the horse is free from physical discomfort, it is surprising how quickly the connection can be improved.

The principles I am working with can be applied to any discipline and can help horses and riders of any age. I am happy to work with a wide variety of problems that we experience with our horses or can help an already successful combination to go further.

I enjoy working with riders who wish to build their confidence or overcome fears
such anxiety about hacking, jumping or competition nerves.

Mark Rashid is back in the UK in May 2015 for Horsemanship and Aikido clinics

19 - 21 May - Aikido for riders workshops in Brockenhurst, New Forest
22 - 23 May - Horsemanship clinic at Manor Equestran Center, Ower, Nr Romsey
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Endurance Team for Wessex Classcal WCRG TeamRiding Group

We are looking forward to another Endurance season for 2015!

New Forest Hunts Pony Club Mounted Games team

I am having fun running our Pony Club mounted games team. Smiles all round!